suitcase: vintage abercrombie & fitch
skirt: thrifted, my own 
shoes: keds

shirt: vintage Austin Hill, available here.

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Michigan, August 2010

Blueberry picking in Michigan
Dress: Target

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i am listening to Headlights and they make me excited for Fall. I am only excited for fall when it isn’t fall yet.. same with Winter. I have lived in Chicago my entire life and every year, without fail, I wonder why I am still here. I despise the winter. There is no color, I have to wear like 5 layers, I have to be cold all the time.. I hate it. I can’t think of a valid reason as to why I’m still here. I don’t have a job, my school has like 400 campuses, I guess maybe I’m just nervous?? Where would I go???

Anyway, now I’m inspired to go look at apartments in a random state or city that doesn’t get below 40 degrees.. ever. but I just don’t know where that is. Should I move now, or stick it out through one more winter and plan it better? you know when you sometimes can only rely on your gut feeling, your instincts? like when I was 19/20, i knew i wanted to move out, but at the same time i knew i wasn’t ready yet. but i had complete faith in myself that when the time came, I would know. Well, I have that feeling again.. the feeling that this should be the last winter I spend here. I feel like i’m ready. Ready to move on, ready to go. Well, almost. I just have to get through this last winter.

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hi i’m new

Hi i’m marjie & i am new here. So yesterday I went to a block party because my boyfriend is in a band (+5 cool points for me) and it was their block party debut. I think it went well and so did the little rocker kids. One even had his own plastic guitar and he was rocking with Dan the lead singer. Anyway after they were done playing I picked up cans (+5 eco friendly points) to recycle for money (+3 saavy business owner points?) because hey, it’s free money, and i don’t know if chicago really recycles or they just say they do because it makes people like me happy. regardless after we were done with all that i came home and we watched catch me if you can starring leo di caprio. Do you remember that movie? of course you do because if you’re reading this that means you are cool and if you’re cool that means you remember that movie. so after I post this I am going to go and drink more coffee.

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